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Mellieha.com is an online information store about the Village of Mellieha. Tourists will find exactly what Mellieha will offer when they are planning a Holiday in Malta. Another objective of the website is to let the emigrants and local citizens keep up-to date with what's happening in the village. The site was launched in March 2000 by Target IT Ltd and is maintained also by the same company with approx 2800 visits per week.
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Target IT Ltd is one of main companies, which offers Web solutions including e-commerce and advertising, Internet Access, network design and installation, computer systems/accessories sales and repairs and computer training courses. I.E. Total IT Solutions.
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All material in this website including (articles, photography, multimedia and development coding) is a property of their respective owners and all rights are reserved.
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We accept information for publishing in the website from everybody until it complies with our standards.

1. The data is genuine and approved
2. The responsibility for any typing errors in the material is of their respective owners.
3. Contains material related to the village of Mellieha
4. Does not in any way offend any party or has any links related to nudity, sex etc…
5. The author of the data is held responsible for his published material
6. The articles must be simple to read
7. If pictures are included with the material these must be given as a hard copy or scanned at a resolution of 200 dpi MAX and given in one of these formats (tiff, psd, bmp or jpeg full quality)

We don't accept any material, which might lower our standard. All the data is analyzed well before published.

In the personal section only websites that contain information related to the village are accepted. The personal websites must not contain information or links to profit-making sites.

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