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Places of Interest in Mellieha
Torri ta' Sant'Agata / Red Tower  - L-Ahrax
Ghajn Hadid Tower - Selmun
Selmun Palace - Selmun
White Tower - L-Ahrax
Ghajn Tuffieha Tower
Coastal Entrenchments - L-Ahrax
Coastal Batteries
Coastal Redoubts
Coastal Towers
Barriera Redoubt - Little Armier
Eskalar Redoubt
Ta' Maccja Coastal Battery - Armier
Tal-Bir Redoubt - L-Ahrax
Wied Musa Coastal Battery (Marfa Coastal Battery) - Marfa
Fort Campbell - Selmun
Mistra Coastal Battery - Mistra Bay
Coastal Entrenchments - Ta' Qassisu / L-Imgharrqa
Louvier Entrenchment
Qala tal- Misquqa Entrechments
Westreme Battery
Ta' Qassisu Battery
Mellieha Redoubt
Pillboxes in Mellieha
Bays and Beaches
Anchor Bay - Popeye Village
Armier Bay - Armier
Dahlet ix-Xmajjar - L-Ahrax
Imgiebah Bay
Little Armier Bay - L-Ahrax
Mellieha Bay (Ghadira)
Mistra Bay
Ramla tat-Torri
Ramlet il-Qortin - L-Ahrax
Slugs Bay
White Tower Bay - L-Ahrax
Paradise Bay - Cirkewwa
Cirkewwa Bay - Cirkewwa
Wied Musa Bay - Cirkewwa
Golden Bay

Archaeological Sites

Ta' Msid Stone Circle
Phoenician, Punic and Roman Cut Tombs
Phoenician Rock -cut Tombs in Mellieha
Other Phonecian Punic tombs
Dahar Prehistoric, Phoenician, Punic and Roman Remains
Latnija Prehistoric and Roman Remains
Manikata Bronze Age Defensive Walls
Tal-Bloq Phoenician/Punic Rock-Cut Tomb
Tat-Tomna Stone Circle
Wied ta Manna Bronze Age Remains
Il-Hewwiexa Late Roman Rock-Cut Tombs
Ghajn Zejtuna Prehistroric Temple
Mizieb Rock-Cut Tomb
Nahlija Roman Rock-Cut Tombs
Ghajn Zejtuna Prehistoric Temple
Re-Enactment in and near the Fort St.Agatha
Il-Latnija Prehistoric Site
Tad-Dahar Punic Tombs
Qasam Barrani Paleo-Christian Tombs
Tat-Tomna Tombs and Caves
San Niklaw Medieval Caves
Gnien Ingraw Troglodyte Caves
Calypso Cave - Gnien Ingraw
Ghar Baqrat Caves
Tas-Sellum Troglodyte Caves
Ghajn Znuber Cart-Ruts
Tal-Kurunell Cart-Ruts
Tal-Hawlija Cart-Ruts
Roman Tombs - Manikata
Bronze Age Remains - Manikata
Il-Mizieb Neolithic Remains
Churches, Chapels, and Religious Shrines
Mellieha Parish Church
Marian Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mellieha
Grotto of Our Lady
Selmun Chapel
Manikata Church
St Joseph Chapel Manikata
Chapel of Immaculate Conception - L-Ahrax
Mellieha Cemetery
Ta' Qorqa Chapel (private) - L-Ahrax
Our Lady Ahrax
Ir-Ruh (Souls statue) - Mellieha Centre
Environment and Nature
Ghadira Bird Sanctuary
L-Ahrax Woodland
Old Quarries
Ponta tal-Madonna
Popeye's Village
Rdum il-Hmar
Rdum l-Ikreh (Popeye's Village)
Rdum tal-Madonna
Tat-Torri Gharam tar-Ramel (Sand Dunnes)
Gnien Ingraw
Tad-Dahar Xaghri (garigue) - L-Ahrax
Tal-Kurunell Xaghri (garigue) - Selmun
It-Taqtighat Clay slopes - Selmun
Il-Mizieb Woodland
Imgiebah Valley
Kalkara Valley
Dragunara Inland Sea - L-Ahrax
Rdum il-Qawwi (cliff) - L-Ahrax
Rdum l-Ahmar (cliff) - L-Ahrax
Rdum Il-Qammieh (cliff)
Rdum Id-Delli (cliff)
Rdum il-Mejjiesa (cliff) - Manikata
Rdum Ghajn Hadid (cliff) - Selmun
Rdum il-Bajdi (cliff) - Selmun
Rdum il-Bies (cliff) - Selmun
Tat-Torri Gharam tar-Ramel (sand dunes)
Il-Hofra Marshland - Mellieha Bay
Other places of interest 
Il-Kamra tat-Tunnara (Tunnynet warehouse)
Bisqra farmhouses - Mellieha Bay
Ir-Razzett tax-Xjaten (The Devils' Farmhouse) - Qasam Barrani
Mellieha Springs (L-Ghajn tal-Mellieha)
Pilgrims' Cross - Mellieha Centre
Mellieha Windmill - Mellieha Centre
Mellieha World War II Shelters - Mellieha Centre
Old Quarries - Tat-Tomna
Ta' Kullatu Well - Selmun
Imgiebah farmhouses
Old Quarries - Selmun
Cobbled pathway - Selmun Hill
Il-Blata Saltpans - Selmun
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