The “Ghaqda Filantropika Mellieha” was founded in 1994. Its aim is to help the families of children with special needs from Mellieha. The president of this society is Dr. Joseph Grech Attard M.D.. This society consists also of other members from Mellieha including members from the families of children with special needs. The families of children with special needs who wish to benefit from this society, should be part of the committee by attending the meetings regularly and help in the activities organized by the society.

It is extremely important that children with special needs integrate themselves in society. The families of children with special needs need great amounts of money for their children such as for therapy. The aim of the “Ghaqda Filantropika Mellieha” is that children with special needs become more independent. For this reason the “Ghaqda Filantropika Mellieha” collects money by organizing different activities throughout the year from which funds are made. Help comes from individuals and from other societies from Mellieha as well.

The athletes before the Fun Run

The society's president presenting o trophy to one of the participants. 

The “Ghaqda Filantropika Mellieha” organizes regularly these activities:

  • Fun Run in May

  • “Sparatura” (shoot out)

  • Drama

  • “Familja Fest” in August

  • Coffee Mornings on the first Thursday of the month

  • Meals in different occasions such as on Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day

  • BBQ’s

These activities are not organized only by the committee but also by other people who offer their help to this philanthropic society. Most of them are from Mellieha. We receive financial help from shop and business owners.

The children of the families who are part of this society are day by day improving and becoming more independent. The generous people who helped this society in some way or another, were of great help to these children and to their families. They were also of a great courage to the “Ghaqda Filantropika Mellieha”.

If you have a child with special needs, do not hesitate to be part of the “Ghaqda Filantropika Mellieha”. Together we work for the benefit of your child.

If you wish to help the “Ghaqda Filantropika Mellieha”, you can do so by more than one way. You can:

  • Help us financially

  • organize an activity for this society

  • sponsor our activities

  • help us in some way or another in the activities we organize

  • attend for our activities such as meals

 Planned Activities


If you want to be a member of the “Ghaqda Filantropika Mellieha” or help us in a way or another, write to this address:

Ghaqda Filantropika Mellieha
c/o “Primavera”
230, New Mill Street,

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